Wedding Cake Toppers

Novelty clay toppers £55.00 per pair

Personalised to your requirements, our clay toppers are made from Polymer clay, which will not fade in colour, dry out or crack over time and makes a fantastic keepsake of your wedding.


The toppers stand approx 4 – 5 inches high and stand on an 8cm wide circle personalised base, each can be tailor made to suit your requirements.

Incorporate your hobbies and themes free of charge.  Small items such as cricket bats, coffee cups at no extra charge.

Wood & clay toppers with bunting £30.00 per pair

Our wood and clay toppers are approx 9cm high and stand on an 8cm wide base personalised to your requirements, plus free cake bunting colours of your choice, to which attaches to the base.

Mini wooden kokeshi cake toppers with bunting £20.00 per pair

These are super cute wooden big headed cake toppers approx 5cm high with a 2cm high body and 3cm high / wide head.